Week of December 12th Software Announcements

Hi, Everyone. We hope your week is off to a great start and that our members living in cold weather climates are staying warm!

We have several announcements this week. First, our team has been updating more of the blue box help messages and knowledge base content for the new features.

music teacher software updates


 Other Recent Beta Changes:

  • Also, we put the Practice Log back under the Student menu. We’ll be improving the practice log more in future, but for now we’ll have the old option as it was, along with the view under the student profile.

What we’re working on next:

  • Ability to add multiple contacts for Adult Students. You can currently add multiple contacts for Child Students, each with their own set of phone numbers and email addresses to keep parents, grandparents, or other payees notified of billing or lesson information
  • As you know, it’s now a lot simpler to add new students to your account. Child students and adult students will both be added from the same form. And we’re updating this form to also make it easier  to add child students to an existing family. Add as few or as many details as you want about the student. This eliminates the need to navigate to multiple areas and saves you time.
  • Big improvements to invoicing and billing – stay tuned!

Have Feedback?

While in Beta Mode, you’ll see a Feedback button on the right-hand side. Please let us know how it’s working for you and share your ideas for how we can improve Music Teacher’s Helper. We’ve received some great feedback so far that has helped us further improve the new features.

Have a great week and happy teaching!

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Rock Robbins
Rock Robbins is the Marketing Director at Music Teacher's Helper, and a tech enthusiast, musician, and music teacher out of Southern California.

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  1. Marc

    Thank you for switching the practice log back to the non-beta version! I’m always very happy about updates and improvements but was a little worried about the direction the practice log had taken.