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Week of Jan. 30th Software Announcements


Hi everyone. We’re moving along with the billing updates, which will make the billing system more intuitive and easy to use, as well as more powerful. More news on that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, have you been using the Music Teacher’s Helper app? If not, here are a few reasons to give it a try!

  1. There’s no extra cost to you. Once you download the app, enter your existing login information and all of your account information will appear. Data syncs immediately, so when you makes changes in the app, it will appear right away from other devices you login from.
  2. Your phone is almost always near you so use the app to view your calendar, manage students, and much more. The app has almost the full capabilities of the desktop version.
  3. Do more! Here are features that are only available through the mobile app:
  • GPS mileage tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Thumb TouchID signin
  • Import your contact list
  • Metronome app
  • You or your students can record audio and video

To download the app, search Music Teacher’s Helper from your iPhone’s or Android’s app store or click the respective links if you’re on your mobile device.  

Enjoy and happy teaching!

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  1. Anna Fagan

    I’m not finding the option to record audio/video within the app — ??

  2. musicteachers

    Hi, Anna. Select the Files tab and then the + symbol and you will see options to record Audio and Video. Those recordings then save to your Files folder and can be accessed on your account not matter what device you log in from. Shoot us an email to if you have further questions.

  3. Bertrand Laurence

    Great. I love the idea of recording Teaching mp3’s in a dedicated
    , MTH place. I have been using Music Memo or Voice Memo .
    Would love a clue on how to proceed.

  4. Bertrand Laurence

    Got it. Brilliant.!

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