Week of Jan. 9th Software Announcements

We hope that you’ve had a chance to check out Beta mode and experience the new features. Let us know what you think so far by clicking the Feedback tab on the right hand side when logged into Beta. If you haven’t had a chance to switch over but want to see all that’s included, please reference this support article, which is updated when new features are added.

Also, it’s now easier to keep up with these weekly announcements straight from your main dashboard. The Latest Blog Articles section at the bottom of your dashboard now shows these weekly updates and other announcements in one tab, and all other blog articles in another. The selected header is shown in blue. Clicking on the header switches over to the other section.


Get to Know the Beta Features: More Customizable Rate Packages

This improvement was announced already, but we want to make sure you know about it and where to find the tutorial.

With the new rate packages, you have greater flexibility and customization in how you charge your students and update your rates for multiple students at once. Rather than only being able to charge per lesson or a flat fee, under the new rates feature you will be able to set up rate packages to:

  • Bill hourly, weekly, monthly, or by semester
  • Charge for a series of lessons (a set amount for a certain number of lessons that you specify)
  • Bill up front in a lump sum or pro-rate the amount over the rate package
  • Choose to receive a reminder to reschedule a student when they are nearing the end of the lessons they paid for

All of this will be managed from one easy place in your Settings so you can create, edit and remove rate packages as needed and then assign each student a particular rate package that meets both their needs and schedule as well as yours.

For full instructions and how to use for new versus existing students, please reference this support article.

That’s it for this week. We’ll have more information on the latest beta changes for you next week. Happy teaching!

About the Author

Andrew is currently the Marketing Director for Music Teacher's Helper. He lives in San Diego, CA.


  1. Catheryn

    Hi there!

    I love that you are all here to listen to your costumers and always improve your product! That’s one huge reason why I’m excited to use and pay for what you provide. Thank you!

    One thing that I think would be AMAZING would be if there was an option to have the previous week’s lesson assignments automatically populate the “description” box (or another you add?) so I may reference and plan the upcoming lesson based on what was assigned the previous week. As is, every evening before each work day I go copy and paste material manually into the upcoming log… It is cumbersome, and takes a lot of extra time and ALMOST makes it not worth it for me.
    I think you’d have a lot of happy teachers out there if you had a check box to opt in on something like this. Just my two thoughts. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. musicteachers

    Hi Catheryn – Yes! We are working on that already. Here’s a suggestion topic that you may follow and receive notifications when progress is made and made available into the software.

    That suggestion doesn’t specify automatically populate previous notes descriptions, but we plan to include it in a revamped Lesson Assignment area. Thanks for taking the time for contribute your input, Catheryn!