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Week of July 24th Software Announcement

Hi everyone!

It’s Rock again with your weekly software announcements. We at Music Teacher’s Helper know you have the music inside of you — if you need an uplifting musical reminder of that, listen to this.


This week’s quote is…

“Nothing connects to the moment like music. I count on music to bring me back, or more precisely, to bring truth forward.”

Dau Voire (Author)


Here are the software announcements for this week…


  • In the Live (prior) version of Music Teacher’s Helper, the “Transaction Log” option (under the Billing icon) has been replaced with “Billing History” to streamline that area
  • An issue where teachers websites were not displayed has been resolved




Did you know that you can create Rates to help you consolidate your student billing in the New Version of Music Teacher’s Helper?


Rates are what you use to set the base billing for your most common billing scenarios.

For example, if you teach piano and voice, you can create these rates…


  • Piano students
  • Voice students

And then you can set how you want to charge for those rates (per lesson, per week, per month, per semester, etc.)

If you ever have time when you need to adjust your billing, you’d only have to adjust 2 rates that would apply to ALL your students’ billing going forward — which is a real time saver.

Find out more about Rates and different billing scenarios in our latest walkthrough knowledgebase article here.

Of course, if you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to support team at

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  1. Tabitha Odel

    Didn’t it actually “unstreamline” that area, because now you can’t view all your family’s transaction logs at once? Is there another way to view everyone’s current status (both amounts owed AND amounts credited) at one time? Thnx.

  2. Rock Robbins

    Hi Tabitha,

    Thank you for that input. We’ve heard you, and as a result — we’ve reinstated the Transaction Log Summary Page again.

    Again, thanks for that important feedback.

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