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Week of July 3rd Software Announcement

Hi everyone!

And Happy Fourth of July to our U.S. teachers – we at Music Teacher’s Helper hope you’re enjoying time with your family and friends, wherever you are in the world.

This week’s quote is…

When the dream is BIG enough, we find the motivation to get through the tough times” – author unknown


Here are the software announcements for this week…


Switching Between Music Teacher’s Helper Versions Has Been Temporarily Disabled
You’ve probably already seen the in dashboard announcement that we’ve temporarily turned off the ability for teachers to click on the green link at the top of Music Teacher’s Helper to switch between the Live (prior) version and the New Version. That adjustment happened Monday, July 3rd, 2017.

If you forgot to choose and need to switch your version, reach out to our support team.

FYI – stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the latest feature updates and how to access them.

This week we have a few billing / financial issues to report that have been fixed…
  • An issue where future lessons/event were invoicing for $0 has been resolved
  • Another issue where parent/student accounts showed large credits has been resolved as well



Did you know that, when creating invoices, you can turn off the “Show previous balance and date range” option?

If you’re having an issue where a student or family’s balance due is off, but you still need to send an invoice for the most recent lessons amount only, you use the Custom invoice template, and uncheck “Show previous balance and date range”.

Here’s how to do that..

  • Click on the Billing icon in the left side menu
  • Click on Invoicing option, and choose Create Invoice(s) on the side menu
  • In the Invoice For (Select “Custom” for advanced options) pulldown, choose Custom
  • Fill out the remaining details of your invoice (Dates, Family, etc)
  • Uncheck the “Show previous balance and date range
  • Finally, click the green Preview button at the bottom right to see a preview of the invoice

To find out about this setting and more, go the Explanation of the Custom Invoice Options knowledgebase article.

Of course, if you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to support team at

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