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Week of March 13th Software Announcements

Hi, Everyone. Don’t forget, if you’re attending the Music Teacher National Association conference later this month in Baltimore, come say hi to us at Booth 312 in the exhibit hall! We’re also organizing a meetup for MTH members so keep an eye out for details in your email.

Here are a few fixes made this week in the new version:

  • Entering large expenses over $1,000 were not saving correctly for some members in the new version.
  • Adding decimals in an event, such as adjusting the lesson price, was showing an error message, requesting members to enter a rounded number. This has since been fixed and allows you to edit a lesson fee with decimals, such as $40.50.
  • When canceling or rescheduling an event, the changed time was defaulting to AM instead of PM for some members and has since been fixed to match the meridian you select.
  • Birthday reminders were sending out more than once for some members instead of just the one scheduled time.
  • The main titles and logos on the studio websites for some teachers were not showing and have since been restored.  

Did you know that you can click and drag an event?

For a quick scheduling change on the Calendar, simply drag and drop an existing event to its new time and/or day. One left-click with the mouse button hovered over that event selects it and then dragging it over to its new location will edit the time that event takes place. The changes are instant and this saves time from having to edit the event and typing in a new time and date.
If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions for us, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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