Week of March 6th Software Announcements

Hi, Everyone. Welcome to March. Our programming team is working on improvements to the billing and lending library features and we’ll have announcements here as they become available. If you’re attending the Music Teacher National Association conference later this month in Baltimore, come say hi to us at Booth 312 in the exhibit hall!

Here are a few fixes made this week in the new version:

  • Invoices were not saving in the invoice history for some members.
  • ”Automatic lesson fees’ appeared even if a member was charging each student per lesson.
  • When creating invoices, the Bill To information; name, address, phone number, and email address of the family were showing blank fields for some members. Also, some invoices were showing incorrect contact information and is now fixed.
  • If you experienced an issue trying logging in, that has now been resolved.

Did you know that you can copy and paste an event?

Quickly duplicating an event is useful if there’s a non-recurring event you want to happen again. Or, if you want to duplicate an event and make a slight tweak, it might be quicker to copy and paste and existing event instead of creating a new event from scratch.

Just click on an existing event and select the copy icon. Select the date you would like your copied event to take place, and click Paste Event(s). You’re done! Change details by clicking on the event and then the Pencil icon, which allows you to edit your event details.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions for us, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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Rock Robbins
Rock Robbins is the Marketing Director at Music Teacher's Helper, and a tech enthusiast, musician, and music teacher out of Southern California.

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