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Week of May 7th Software Announcements

Hi, everyone. We hope you’re having a great week so far. With summer coming up, don’t forget you can opt into our annual pricing and save the equivalent of two months! That way, there’s no need to go through the trouble of downgrading during summer months when you’re teaching less. To do so, go to My Account in the top right corner and change your Billing Frequency from Monthly to Yearly. Also, here’s an update from this past week:

  • In the new version, starting the Daily Summary Report required selecting it under Reports and Messaging. Now, if you select either, it will automatically select the other.

Did you know that you can sync your MTH Calendar to your Google, iCal, and Outlook Calendar?

If you’d like to see your MTH events on your preferred calendar app, syncing only takes a minute! Check out these instructions for setting up your MTH calendar to show elsewhere.

You can use the MTH calendar for non-studio events as well by not assigning to a student, and creating a custom category labeled “personal”. Either way, you can have peace of mind with your events in one place whether you sync with an outside calendar or use the MTH calendar for everything.

If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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Rock Robbins is the Marketing Director at Music Teacher's Helper, and a tech enthusiast, musician, and music teacher out of Southern California.

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