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Week of November 1st Software Announcement

Hi everyone. It’s Rock again with your weekly software updates / announcements.

Issues resolved issues this week…

  • MTH New version: Issue requiring all students to have a password has been resolved (some students, younger ones for example, will not need a password)
  • MTH New version: Some calendar policy settings were not saving. This has been resolved
  • MTH New version: Issue where once you’ve added files to a bulk email, you’re not able to remove those files has been resolved

Our team continues to work behind the scenes to make Music Teacher’s Helper a better product for you.

If you have any questions for us or have any issues, please reach out to support team at

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  1. Karl

    Please continue to work on getting the app up to date and running seamlessly with the website version.

    Thank you,


  2. Rock Robbins

    Thanks for the input on our apps. I’ve forwarded it to our dev team, and they already have plans in place to update/refresh the apps. We will let you know here when there are updates on that.

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