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Week of September 11th Software Announcement

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Hi everyone! It’s Rock again with your weekly software announcements.

As you’re working with your students, make sure you’re taking time daily to get exercise in. There have been many studies done lately that raise concern about sitting for prolonged periods of time.

The good news is that incorporating exercise into your schedule can be as easy as taking a walk 2-3 times a day; it gets you moving, is good for your health, and gives you a change of scenery.

Check out this article on “4 Easy Ways to Get More Exercise

We at Music Teacher’s Helper want you to have great health, and with that health make a big difference in the world… for a long time.

This week’s quote is…

“To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear


Here are the software announcements for this week…


  • We’re working behind the scenes to improve the efficiency of the Music Teacher’s Helper software, and to improve our internal processes so we can make your Music Teacher’s Helper experience an even better one



Did you know that if you teach multiple instruments, you can choose multiple instruments in your settings page?

If you teach multiple instruments, select all that apply so you can assign which instrument(s) your students are taking lessons with. Head over to Settings (top right pull down menu) and scroll to the bottom of the Studio Tab to select which instrument(s) you teach.

Make sure to click Save Studio Settings button at the bottom of the screen when finished.

Of course, if you have any questions for us or have any issues, please reach out to support team at


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