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What is Music Teacher’s Helper Affiliate Program and How Can You Benefit?

Have you ever heard the terms “affiliate” or “referral program” thrown around online and wondered what it means?  If so, it’s likely referencing what the online marketing community calls performance marketing. This is where website owners, customers, marketers, or anyone really get paid to promote products online.  In most cases, the person promoting is knowledgeable about the product, knowledgeable about the related industry, and may even be a customer of that product.

Musics Industry Affiliate Programs

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Does This Cost the New Customer More Money Since the Company Pays the Promoter?

There are no additional costs to the new user when they sign up through an affiliate program.  The company is paying the promoter (affiliate) a commission as a thank you for the new customer.  Companies view this transaction as an advertising or marketing cost that is directly proportional to the amount of new business they earn.  The company receives a new customer, the affiliate is paid a commission,  and the customer is happy about learning and signing up for a new service.  So everyone wins.  In some cases, the new user receives a discount to sign up, which is the case with our affiliate program.

How it Can Benefit You

If you’re a satisfied customer of Music Teacher’s Helper, here are some ways you can promote Music Teacher’s Helper to peers that you think could benefit from our tools.

A) If you have an email list of music teachers

B) If you have a blog (or social media)

C) If you meet offline with a group of music teachers

You are given a unique link address (URL) that tracks when someone signs up for the software through that link.  You log onto an account and see how many people have signed up using your link.

An Example: What Would it Take to Pay for Your Subscription of Music Teachers Helper?

As an affiliate promoting our software you receive a 20% monthly commission of the total subscription on all new customers you sign up.  If you sign up five peers on the same plan as you, you’re paid out the equivalent of your monthly cost as a customer.  You get paid as long as they stay a customer and is not dependent upon whether you are still a customer.  Payment is not deducted from your current billing; payment is made through Paypal.


It’s important to disclose up front that you are compensated if someone were to sign up for Music Teacher’s Helper through your link address. Also, be willing to field any questions someone may have about the affiliate link or general questions about the software.  Transparency is key to the relationships you’ve worked hard to build and maintain. Make sure you follow any promotion policies third-party websites ask you to abide by.

Lastly, if you would like to get paid to promote Music Teacher’s Helper, you can read more and sign up at our affiliate info page.

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