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What’s New in November

As we’re now moving into the holiday season, we hope you’ll enjoy some of our latest updates to Music Teacher’s Helper. Over the next few months, we will be introducing some major improvements that will make Music Teacher’s Helper look more professional, be more intuitive, and be easier to use, especially for those just starting out. We’re sure you’re going to love them!

We may have to take the site down for an hour or two during off-peak times to make some of these changes, so we appreciate your patience as we do so in the months ahead. We’ll keep you posted.

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Here are the updates we launched in November:

  • Lending Library is now a real library! Store your entire inventory with quantities, and lend out items from there. You can now also search the library and the lent items.
  • Payment Categories! You can now specify payment categories when adding a payment (ie. Lesson Income, Book Fees, etc.). This helps you categorize your income better. These categories also show up on the Income/Expense Report.
  • Custom E-mail Templates! Create your own e-mail templates that you can send over and over again to students.
  • Invoices now generate PDF’s! Improved the invoice look and feel, and added an Invoice Notification e-mail template, so you can customize the invoice e-mails your students receive.
  • Changed e-mail, website, template, and announcement editor to a more up-to-date wysiwyg editor.
  • If you have a website at your own domain name (, you can now link to it in your Website Preferences.

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Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce is the founder and CEO of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software program to help music teachers manage the business aspects of teaching music lessons.

A piano teacher and computer programmer himself, he created Music Teacher's Helper as a side project to manage his own students, and in 2004, made it available for music teachers worldwide.

Since then, it has grown to supp... [Read more]

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  1. Jean Kroll

    This website is fantastic. I have been using it for a year and don’t know what I would do without it. The improvements are absolutely wonderful! Keep up the great work!

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