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Why I Use Music Teacher’s Helper

Pat Shelby teaching a group lesson for beginning guitar.

I’m in my 3rd year of using Music Teachers Helper to schedule my guitar students.  I started with a 5 student basic account (which is free!) and have grown to 20 students! (You can have up to 20 students for $14/mo.)

3 years ago, my music lesson business wasn’t doing so well.  I needed help in keeping my teaching schedule organized.  It’s not a good feeling when you’re out running errands and you get a call from a student/parent telling you they’re at your studio for their lesson and they’re wondering where the heck you are!  I had trouble remembering what I taught each student from week to week.  I needed a way to step it up and keep myself organized!  Then I found Music Teacher’s Helper!  One reason I chose MTH is because every account includes a super-easy way to design your own studio website!  Check out my studio website.  It’s very functional and definitely helped me attract new students.  Another reason I signed up with MTH is because of the lesson notes feature – I can easily keep a log of each lesson so I can monitor every student’s progress.  It also helps me remember what I taught them last week!  MTH keeps track of all the administrative stuff, too: scheduling, automatic lesson reminders, makeup lessons, mileage, income, expenses, invoicing, etc.  My MTH calendar syncs with my google calendar and there’s even an iOS app!  (BTW, I hear rumors of a major iOS app update and a new Android app coming soon!)  Every time I’ve needed tech support it has been fast and courteous.

MTH isn’t all about the teacher, though.  You can give parents and students their own login to your website.  Students can check their calendars and log their practice time.  Parents (and adult students) can keep tabs on their account balance and they can even book lessons online!  MTH supports online payment via PayPal, too!

Still not convinced Music Teachers Helper could help you grow your music lesson business?  Prior to using MTH, my studio income was stagnant.  In 2013, my studio income increased 53% from 2012!  In the first 4 months of this year, I’m experiencing an 88% increase in studio income compared to the same period last year!  This year, for the first time ever, I’ve had to turn down students!  

MTH helps me use my time more efficiently.  I can spend more time doing the things I like/need to do instead slogging through all the administrative tasks that come along with running your own business.  For example, a few weeks ago I set up a series of “open slots” on my MTH website for my “summer session.”  With a couple of mouse clicks, I sent out an email to my parents/students inviting them to go online and select their own lesson slots!   Instead of my time being eaten up by scheduling phone calls and emails, I can get other projects done while my students schedule themselves!  Where else can you do that?

This is my honest, shoot-from-the-hip testimony of what I think of Music Teacher’s Helper and how it’s helped me to get organized and grow my studio business. For the music teacher, I can’t recommend their service enough!  Feel free to contact me through my studio website as a resource if you have any questions about how I use MTH.  CLICK HERE to try MTH for FREE for 30 days and get a 20% discount off of your first month with Music Teacher’s Helper for reading this post.

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  1. owens music studio

    How do you set up your website to allow students to schedule themselves for the summer? I would love to do that!

  2. Pat Shelby

    I copied the following text from a knowledge base article. This is what I used to learn how to do it. Just give me a shout if you need some additional help. –Pat
    To post open time slots on your calendar, or make times available for make up lessons:

    Click Calendar ? Add Event/Lesson
    Choose the “For All Students” option at the top
    Click “Require students to register to attend this event”
    Enter the number of students who will be able to register for this time slot before registration is closed (if this is for a private lesson, you’ll enter “1”)
    Fill out the rest of the calendar information, including time, and recurring information
    When you click to save, you will be warned that all students will be able to see this event on the schedule. The student can then click on the “Open Slot” event and book their lesson, when logged into Music Teacher’s Helper account.

    When a student registers for an event, you will be sent an email that says a student has booked a lesson, with all the information of the lesson and the name of the student. Once a lesson has been booked, the slot will disappear from the calendar of other students so it will not be registered for again.

    You can also create a category that says “Open Slot” or “Open Makeup Slot”, color coding. It makes it easier to locate open times. (To create a category, click the “Edit Categories” button when creating the event).

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