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Wolfie App: A New Reality

Ever wonder what the future of piano lessons will look like? The Wolfie app is it: a new reality. In short, it’s a virtual piano book bag for your students packed with power tools.  No more forgotten books or torn pages as the Wolfie Piano iPad App, developed by Tonara, efficiently stores lesson repertoire on the iPad AND much more.

I first experienced Wolfie at their exhibit booth at NCKP 2015, I played a Clementi sonatina on an acoustic piano (MIDI and cables were NOT required) and read the score from the iPad. Wolfie listened to my playing, turned my pages as I progressed through the piece and after I finished, gave me feedback on my timing and pitch reading accuracy. Isn’t this intelligent listening what we as teachers do at a lesson and wish our students had to assist them during their home practice? Loaded with repertoire of all styles,
Wolfie is designed to be YOUR ears and teaching assistant so that your students stay on track and progress between lessons.

Watch this September 2015 webinar to learn more about how Wolfie works.

Important things to know about Wolfie:

  • Wolfie is compatible with the iPad only.
  • It is free, with in-app subscriptions available.
  • To get the most benefit from the app, both you and your students will need to download the app and purchase a premium subscription.
  • Currently, the developers are offering teachers a free year of the Wolfie premium subscription if two of your students purchase the premium plan.
  • A premium subscription gives you unlimited access to all materials.
  • There are three premium plans available:
    • 3 month plan: $10/month
    • 6 month plan: $7.50/month
    • 1 year plan: $5/month

To make the most of this considerable investment for you and your students, you’ll want to receive some training. A clear understanding of the app’s interface and how to integrate it into lessons is essential. Wolfie’s website offers a great deal of information and tutorial videos. Follow this link.

Perhaps even more helpful are the recent free webinars that explain specific ways to integrate the app into lessons. All webinars are recorded so if you can’t make it, you can watch the recording later.

Here’s the webinar held October 15th: “Wolfie Brings More to Your Teaching.”

Here’s the webinar held October 29th: “How Wolfie can make students’ practice more effective.”

Here’s the calendar of the future webinars:

  • Nov. 12th, 11AM EDT: “How Wolfie can help students prepare for a performance.”
  • Dec. 3rd, 11AM EDT: “How Wolfie can improve your students’ sight reading skills.”

To learn more or to sign up for the webinars follow this link.

The brilliance of this technology paired with your expert guidance is a sign of things to come: a new virtual student book bag.

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