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You Won’t Be Lonely Long – It’s International Week of the Piano Geek

Life as a private music teacher can be a lonely one indeed. When the rest of the world is chatting it up at the water cooler with co-workers, we are doing everything everyone else does after work. And when “after work” has arrived for everyone else, our day begins!

But our day does not look like everyone else’s day! While many see work as a social outlet, private music teachers spend their time, (for the most part) with preschoolers, children and tweens. And while this group is a blast, we need the opportunity for a water cooler chat too.

And that’s why next week we are presenting International Week of the Piano Geek; an opportunity for private music teachers to connect with online piano personalities and resources that are making our profession a little less lonely.

Every single day between April 29 and May 3, we will be sharing a wealth of resources that exist online to make life as a piano teacher easier. From blog posts to live Q and A events, to comment discussions, there will be a ton of action to keep you entertained and informed. And you can be a part of it all at

Click here to register today and get in on an exciting week of resource showcases, giveaways, freebies, and more.

About The Authors
Andrea and Trevor Dow are piano bloggers and educators with a passion for creating innovative music education resources and sharing cutting-edge teaching strategies. When they aren’t in front of their computers writing for their blog, they are busy running their thriving music school on Vancouver Island. 

With International Week of the Piano Geek, Andrea and Trevor hope to advance piano education by opening up a world of resources that are continually evolving online each and every day.

About the Author

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